Based on those self-assessment tests and quizzes, I have discovered potential careers that suit my personality and work ethics.
I learned that I have strong interests in the Business, Math/Science, and Computer/Technology fields.

In terms of Business, some careers that spark my interest are accountant, auditor, human resource worker, entrepreneur or a director of some kind.

Math/Science — Accountant, medical assistant, pharmacist, financial planner, doctor or anything related in the medical field.

Computer/ Technology — Market Research manager, computer operator, product manager or some sort of director of a computer based company.

From looking at the list above and observing my different traits, I would say that top 6 careers that spark my interest are, entrepreneur, accountant, auditor, doctor, pharmacist or a manager’s position in human resource.

Majority of the careers listed above require traits such as
–  left brained (logical)
– multiple intelligences (logical/mathematics, intrapersonal, interpersonal)
– influences (internal & external)
– my values
– subject interests
– my skills and my personality

Accountant The career of being an accountant suits me well because I am left brained, my multiple intelligences consist of logical/mathematical, and my different values(expert, working with people,etc.) . Also my subject interests in school involve mathematics and science. Other careers that relate to those certain characteristics are doctors and pharmacists.

Human Resource Manager – Logical, good with people, student council involvement(leadership), interpersonal, and organized.

From what has been said, I believe that I have many positive traits that will benefit me for my future career. Also, I have learned that I have negatives traits as well, but in a manner it is good, because I can thrive to overcome those negative traits, and by doing so,it can benefit me on obtaining a future career. My career choices are quite narrowed down and I have learned that I have dominant interests in the business and medical related careers. Preferably the careers that would well suit me are, Accountant, Entrepreneur, Doctor and Pharmacist.



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Personality Type(Holland’s and A or B)

I have discovered that I fit into the Enterprising(E) and Conventional(C) personality the most after looking at Holland’s personality type.

In Enterprising:
My interests: meeting people, and making decisions that affect others.
Skills: Initiate projects, selling or promoting and good at convincing others.
Personality: assertive, persuasive, enthusiastic, persistent.
Some careers that follow this trait are a marketer, politician and business leadership.

In Conventional:
My interests: working with numbers, being responsible for details, learning computer programs and following directions.
Skills: Statistical work and operating computers.
Personality: Organized, mathematical, efficient and conscientious.
Some careers that follow this trait are, accountant, entrepreneur, teacher and computer programmer.
After doing this testing, I have sort of noticed that math/science, logic and business relations have been coming up quite often. I believe that math/science, logic and business are my interest fields in my future career.

Type A/B personality quiz
        I have learned that I scored “0” on this quiz, which means I am at the neutral level of not being stressed out too much, yet not too easy going either. I believe that this is a healthy lifestyle for me.


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Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner developed a theory called Multiple Intelligences, which explains that every individual is smart in some manner. There are eight different types of intelligences.
1. Verbal/Linguistic
2. Logical/Mathematical
3. Visual/Spatial
4. Interpersonal

5. Intrapersonal
6. Bodily/Kinesthetic

7. Musical/Rhythmic
8. Naturalist

          By doing the Multiple Intelligence quiz, I have discovered my top 4 intelligence to respectively be:

1) Logical/Mathematical
2) Interpersonal
3) Intrapersonal
4) Visual/spatial

       I learned that I am smartest in those intelligences. Some of the careers that involve those 4 intelligences are:

Logical/Mathematical — Accountant, Teacher, Chemist
Interpersonal — Social Worker, Human Resource worker, Manager of people
Intrapersonal — Psychologist, Counselor, Entrepreneur
Visual/Spatial — Artists, Photography, Architect

 I have learned that I would have best interest in my career if it included at least one of those intelligences. From the careers above, many of them spark my interest. For instance, the Accountant, Entrepreneur and Human Resource worker. Even though the choices for my career is uncertain at the moment, but by doing the Multiple intelligence quiz, it has narrowed it down.
         In my opinion, I believe the Multiple intelligence quiz is quite accurate and unique. I would recommend taking the quiz if you are unsure of your different intelligences.


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Internal And External Influences

          I believe that internal and external influences definitely impacts my future career path. I have several internal influences which may include, my knowledge, fear, curiosity, desire, etc. The reason I believe that is because these internal influences are like messages telling me what to do and how I should act and behave.
            As well, I have many external influences too that affect the way I am. Some external influences consist of, school, competition, parents, siblings, friends, law/authority, setting or location and media. I believe that the media is the biggest influence to me because the media artists on the t.v are persuasive and convincing. I have learned that I should interact with better influences oppose to bad influences, by doing so, it will guide me to be a more moralful and ethical person.

          I learned that good ethics and moral are important traits for employers to evaluate you on. To obtain a good career, I should be aware of interacting more with good influences and less with bad influences.


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Employability Skills

           After evaluating myself in the “Employability Skills 2000+” quiz, I have learned that I’m good with numbers, thinking and solving problems, and work good with working well with others.

          Also, I have learned that I am a responsible and an adaptable person and enjoy learning continuously. This influences my career path because I should continue following these ‘skills’ in order to obtain the career I want. 
           As well, I have learned that I should try to improve on my ‘communicative, and managing information’ skills in the Fundamental Skills section. I should try to improve on ‘working safely’ in the Personal Management Skills section. Finally, I have learned that I should improve in the ‘participating in projects and task’ skill in the Team Work Skills section.
By following and improving in those skills, I can obtain a great variety of career to my liking.


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          I have learned that my values have influence me greatly in choosing my career path. I learned that I am a competitive, loyal, and a person that likes to learn new things.
        Through doing different self-assessment quizzes, I discovered my values consist of…
– Achievement                              – Leadership               – Time for family
– Precision                                     – Loyal                          – Learning
– Status                                             – Aesthetics                 – Expertise
– Making a difference                 – Wisdom                   – Community involvement
– Independence or Working with people

         This may influence me by choosing a career that revolves around those different values. For instance, for “leadership”, a career that relates to that value could be a Business person; CEO, manager,etc. An example of a career for independence” could  be an Entrepreneur or something that likes working around data or things everyday. Although, as a flexible person, I can obtain a career that is invovles independence or with people.


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Interests and Hobbies

           I am interested in the subjects, Business, Math, Science, and Computer engineering and technology. I figured my interest areas through personal experience of attending school everyday and having those courses. As well, I assessed myself in the ‘Explorations’ booklet and I scored highest in “Business with a score of 27”, then I scored “19 in Mathematics/Science” and finally I scored “10 in computers/technology”.
        I have learned that for my career, it would be best if I went into something relating the topics of Business, Mathematics/Science and Computer technology related. It has influenced me by minimizing my choices in the careers field(narrowing it down). For instance, It would be more likely for me to be an accountant than an artist. I learned that I’m better dealing with numbers than being creative.

         I am an athletic person. My hobbies include sports such as, football,  basketball, volleyball and track and field. I also like to have fun playing badminton and tennis. I think  playing these sports helps me to relax and relieve the stress in life and ‘just to have fun’ for once.
         I also like to hangout with my friends at the movies and the mall because there’s always a lot to do there. I’ve also noticed that when I’m with people I tend to be happier and more positive.
           I learned that when I have a stressful career and want to have a break, I should play sports or hang out with my friends to relax and relieve the stress. I also learned that I want to have a career that involves interaction with people, because it seems to make my personality more positive and happy.


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